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grammurai ([personal profile] grammurai) wrote2011-07-20 09:58 am
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Stop It

Stop it. Just stop. Stop taking my clothes, my things. Stop trying to carve
off pieces of me bigger than I'm willing to give you. I know you're hurting,
you're in pain. I'm trying to be there and be your friend but you keep
pushing me for more and more, just like when we were dating. If I didn't do
it then, what makes you think I can or will do it now?

Remember all the times you reminded me that I push too hard, trying to get
you to do school work or get to work on time or even make it to game?
Remember how you told me it makes you want to do the opposite? That street
runs two ways. It's why I'm hiding things from you, stuffing them into my
room or the car where you won't find them. Stop it.